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Geogrids for roadway reinforcement
Strata Systems introduced StrataBase, a complete line of rigid biaxial geogrids designed for structural reinforcement in paved and unpaved roads. The line consists of fully tested extruded and oriented polypropylene geogrids offered in multiple tensile strengths, all of which meet or exceed current industry standards. According to the company, StrataBase reduces pavement failure caused by lateral spreading of base material, is a cost-effective alternative to costly undercutting and backfilling, and has proven to reduce aggregate thickness by as much as 50 percent and improve structural performance and pavement life.
Strata Systems

Point-cloud data visualization
Bentley Systems Inc. announced the availability of the Bentley Pointools V8i application and two new iWare apps: Bentley Pointools View for point-cloud data visualization and sharing and Bentley Pointools PODcreator for converting laser scans to the POD file format. Reuse of the Pointools POD format across the Bentley product portfolio eliminates the need for time-consuming data conversion, streamlining project workflows and reducing the potential for data corruption, the company said. Bentley Pointools V8i features include point-cloud differencing and clash detection.
Bentley Systems Inc.

Plastic pipe design software
The Plastics Pipe Institute Inc. (PPI) offers PPI Pipeline Analysis & Calculation Environment (PACE), a free, online plastic pipe pressure design software for water distribution, transmission main systems, and force mains. The Beta version is available at PPI PACE allows engineers to perform plastic pipe pressure pipe design calculations in accordance with current published AWWA and ASTM industry standards. Input parameters include type of materials and pipe size, pipeline length, design velocity for recurring and occasional surges, working pressure, anticipated recurring surges, temperature, and minimum design life.
Plastics Pipe Institute Inc.

Recycled-content HDPE pipe
Prinsco reported that its ECOFLO 100 dual-wall pipe, made with a minimum of 40 percent recycled content, passed review by Indianapolis Testing Laboratory to verify its 100-year service, past product performance, and conformity to application standards. The results prompted the City of Indianapolis to update its previous specification, which required the use of only 100-percent virgin HDPE pipe. Indianapolis is one of the first municipalities to specify ECOFLO 100 as a virgin HDPE equivalent. ECOFLO 100 is available in diameters from 4 inches to 60 inches.

Remote troubleshooting
Trimble Remote Assistant provides real-time technical support to field crew personnel or earthworks machine operators using Trimble Connected Site solutions. Support personnel can take control of the machine's in-cab display, identify the design file version, view sensor configurations, and access diagnostics to troubleshoot problems. Job crews can initiate a Remote Assistant session on their Trimble TSC3 Controller to clarify work orders, confirm design file versions, and update software modules without leaving the job site. GNSS managers and site supervisors can use Remote Assistant to train new construction survey teams.

Watershed modeling software
Hydrology Studio software for watershed modeling and detention pond design has been released and is now available online for download. According to its publisher, Hydrology Studio is a new generation of hydrology software written on Microsoft's dot-net platform using Windows Presentation Foundation for its user-interface design. The program features complex watershed modeling of as many as 100 hydrographs at once including streamlined detention pond design, built-in design storms, and a wide variety of reports.
Hydrology Studio

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